Cache memory

Cache memory is a type of high-speed random access memory (RAM) that is built into the processor.

Data is able to be transferred to and from cache memory much faster than RAM. Due to this cache is used to temporarily hold data and instructions that the processor is likely to re-use.

The more cache a computer has the faster it will run. The cache is also more expensive than RAM since it has such a high-speed performance, this is why cache tends to be small in size. 

There are two types of cache that exist since it is such a small size.

The types are L1 cache and L2 cache.

  • L1 cache very fast transfer rates, but it is very small in size. The processor uses the L1 cache to hold the most frequently used instructions and data.

  • L2 cache is larger in capacity than L1 cache but has a sower speed. It is used to hold data and instructions that are needed less frequently.

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