Cell Structure Answers

   1. Which of these units is most suitable for measuring the length of a cell?

  A - Micrometre 


   2. A cell measures 5 x 10^-5 m. What does it measure in micrometres?

  50 micrometres


   3. Name one structure that is found in a plant cell but is not found in a bacterial or an animal cell.



   4. What is the equation for calculating magnification?

  Image = Magnification x Actual 


   5. Give an example of a structure that is found inside of all living cells

  Ribosome and cell membranes are found in all living cells 


   6. Give an example of a structure that is only found in plant cells



   7.  What is produced by ribosomes?



   8.  What is the function of the cell wall?

  Gives the cell structure and strength 


   9.  What is the function of the cell membrane?

  Controls what enters and leaves the cell


   10. What is the function of the nucleus?

  Stores the cells genetic materials and control gene expression 


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