Charge Answers

   1. A current of 12 A flows for 20 minutes into an electric cooker. How much charge has the cooker used?

  14400 coulombs 


   2. What are the units for charge?



   3. A current of 3 A flows into a television set. How long would it take 1500 C of charge to flow through it?

  500 Seconds 


   4. What is the equation to calculate charge?

  Energy transfered / potential difference 


   5. Protons are?

  C - Positive


   6. Neutrons are?

  A - Neutral


   7.  Electrons are?

  A - Negative


   8.  If a charge of 105C flows in 15s, calculate the current.

  7 Amps


   9.  If 18400 C of charge flows through an air conditioning unit every hour, what current does it draw?

  5.1 Amps


   10. A current of 2 A flows for 30 seconds through a lamp.
How much charge has moved?

  60 coulombs


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