Decomposition Answers

   1. State two factors that affect the rate of decay

  Temperature, water and oxygen 


   2. What are the best conditions where decay will happen at the fastest rate?

  In a warm, moist and oxygen-rich environment


   3. Why does the pH of milk reduce when it decays?

  Because lactose is converted into lactic acid


   4. True or false? Compost is made from dead plants



   5. What does aerobic mean?

  Aerobic means 'with oxygen'


   6. What does anaerobic mean?

  Anaerobic means 'without oxygen'


   7. True or false? Peat bags preserve skeletons very well



   8. What are decomposers?

  Organisms that break down dead or decaying organisms


   9. True or false? Cold temperatures will slow down the rate of decomposition 



   10. Biogas is made up from:

  C - Methane and carbon dioxide


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