Density Answers

   1. What is the equation to calculate density?

  Mass / Volume 


   2. What is the density of an object?

  Mass per unit of volume


   3. What are the units for density?

  Kg/m3 | g/cm3


   4. What is the density of water?

  1000 Kg/m3


   5. What happens to the least dense of two immiscible liquids?

  The least dense liquid will rise to the top of the container, think about oil on water


   6. True or false? The eureka can measures density

  False, the eureka can, can help us calculate density as the eureka can tells us the volume of an object 


   7.  True or false? The eureka can lets us measure the volume of an oddly shaped object 



   8.  What is the equation to calculate volume?

  Length x Width x Height


   9.  The density of iron is 7.8 g/cm3, what is the mass of 17 cm3 of iron?

  132.6 g


   10. What is the density of a boulder if it has a mass of 1,300 kg and a volume of 0.5 m3?

  2600 kg/cm3


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