Diffusion Answers

   1. What is diffusion?

  The movement of a substance from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration


   2. What is osmosis?

  The net movement of water from a high water concentration to a low concentration


   3. True or false? The process of diffusion requires energy 



   4. State the process responsible for the gas exchange that occurs in the lungs.

  Diffusion is responsible for gas exchange in the lungs


   5. True or false? Diffusion happens against a concentration gradient 

  False, active transport happens against a gradient 


   6. What happens to the rate of diffusion when the temperature is increased?

  It increases as particles have more energy and move faster


   7. During diffusion, particles move from a:

  B - High to low concentration 


   8. During osmosis, water moves from a:

  B - High to low concentration 

   9. What does permeable mean?

  A substance that can be passed through, especially by liquids or gasses


   10. Somone sprays deodorant in the corner of a room and shortly after it can be smelt from the other side, what process is happening?



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