Disease Answers

   1. What is a communicable disease? 

  A disease that can be passed from one person to another through contact, sneezing/coughing. etc


   2. What is a non-communicable disease?

  A disease that is not transmittable directly from one person to another 


   3. What is a pathogen?

  A microorganism that causes disease 


   4. State the scientific term for the passing of a disease from one organism to another?

  A vector


   5. What type of pathogen is HIV/AIDS?

  A virus 


   6. True or false? Malaria is caused by a protist



   7. True or false? Cholera is a water-born disease



   8. Name a physical defence to disease on the human body

  Skin, tears, mucus, stomach acid. etc


   9. What food is Salmonella commonly found in?

  Eggs, meat, poultry


   10. Which of the following an example of a non-communicable disease?

  B - Diabetes 


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