Energy Stores Answers

   1. What is the name of the energy stored by a moving object?

  Kinetic energy


   2. True or false? Energy can NOT be created



   3. What is the gravitational potential energy stored in a 60 kg person sitting at the top of a 2 m high slide? (g = 10 N/kg)

  1200 J 


   4. What form of energy is stored in a chunk of coal?

  Chemical energy


   5. True or false? A stretched catapult is an elastic store of energy



   6. How much potential energy is gained by a 3 kg object raised by 5 m? (g = 10 N/kg)

  150 J


   7.  How much potential energy is gained by a 7 kg object raised by 26 m? (g = 10 N/kg)

  1820 J


   8.  What is the equation to calculate kinetic energy? 

  mass x height x gravitational field strength


   9.  True or false? Energy can be destroyed 

  False, energy can be transferred but not destroyed


   10. Which type of appliance would convert electrical energy into sound energy?



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