Energy Stores Questions

   1. What is the name of the energy stored by a moving object?


   2. True or false? Energy can NOT be created


   3. What is the gravitational potential energy stored in a 60 kg person sitting at the top of a 2 m high slide? (g = 10 N/kg) 


   4. What form of energy is stored in a chunk of coal?


   5. True or false? A stretched catapult is an elastic store of energy


   6. How much potential energy is gained by a 3 kg object raised by 5 m? (g = 10 N/kg)


   7.  How much potential energy is gained by a 7 kg object raised by 26 m? (g = 10 N/kg)


   8.  What is the equation to calculate kinetic energy? 


   9.  True or false? Energy can be destroyed 


   10. Which type of appliance would convert electrical energy into sound energy?


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