Enzymes Answers

   1. What effect does very high temperature/pH have on enzymes?

  This will denature the enzymes 


   2. What is the name of the enzymes that break down proteins?



   3. How can we test for reducing sugars?

  Benedict's solution


   4. True or false? A calorimeter tests for the energy stored in a food



   5. What is an enzyme?

  An enzyme is a biological catalyst that speeds up a reaction without getting used up


   6. True or false? Enzymes decrease the speed of a reaction 

  False, enzymes speed up a reaction without getting used up 


   7. What is the name of the enzyme that breaks down carbohydrates?



   8. The optimum temperature for an enzyme is the temperature where the enzyme has the most energy


   9. What is the active site of an enzyme?

  The region of the enzyme where substrate molecules bind and undergo the chemical reaction


   10. True or false? Lowering the temperature of an enzyme will denature it

  False, lowering the temperature will make the enzymes have less energy but will not denature it


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