Evidence Of Evolution

Much of the evidence we have of evolution today comes from fossils, a fossil is the imprint/remains of an organism that lived millions of years ago. 


Scientists can determine the age of fossils and categorize them from all over the world to find out where and when the organisms lived relative to each other. From the findings that scientists make, we can learn more about our ancestors and how they lived. The deeper down a fossil is, the older it usually is as more leaves, soil, dead animals etc will have built up on top of them. 

Fossils have shown us that over millions of years, humans have evolved from ape-like species to the modern-day human. The earliest human species was the Ardipithecus Afarensis, from the fossils found of this species we can learn that they had a much smaller brain capacity and a more prominent jaw bone. Also, they were much shorter in height than the modern-day human. These findings show us that humans have evolved.

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