Evolution Answers 

   1. Charle's Darwin proposed the theory of natural selection?


   2. Where in rocks are the oldest fossils usually found?

  At the bottom


   3. Where in rocks are the youngest rocks usually found?

  At the top 


   4. True or false? The fossil 'Lucy' dates back to around 3.2 million years ago



   5. What are the names of the islands where Charles Darwin studied finches

  Galapagos Islands


   6. How long did Darwin's voyage around the world last? 

  5 years


   7. Approximately, how many years ago did the species Ardipithecus Ramidus live?

  4.4 million years ago 


   8. State the name of the scientists who carried out breeding experiments on pea plants

  Gregor Mendel 


   9. What was the name of Charles Darwin's book published in 1859

  On The Origin of Species


   10. What is the scientific name of the species of humans that live today?

  Homo Sapiens


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