Force & Weight Answers

   1. What are the units that force is measured in?



   2. True or false? The forces acting on a pen, that is still on a table, are balanced



   3. Weight is the measure of the force of gravity acting on an object 


   4. In physics, what are the units that are used for measuring weight?



   5. True or false? If you are on the moon, you will have a lower weight

  True, while your mass will stay the same, your weight will actually lower on the moon since gravity is weaker on the moon than on the earth


   6. Finish this equation for calculating force:

  Force = Acceleration x mass 


   7.  Finish this equation for calculating weight:

  Weight = mass x gravity 


   8.  A car has a mass of 1270 Kg, calculate its weight assuming the gravitational feild strength is 10 N/Kg

  12,700 N


   9.  A person on a bike has a mass of 95 Kg and accelerates at 10 m/s, calculate its force 

  950 N


   10. What is the mass of a 53kg boy on the moon?

  53 Kg, the boys mass will not change, but his weight will


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