Microscopy Answers

   1. Which microscope has a higher magnification

  A - Electron microscope 


   2. What is the equation for magnification?

  Image size = Magnification x actual object size 


   3. Give one example of an advantage of an electron microscope 

  Scientists can view structures of cells in much greater detail due to the higher resolution 


   4. Give one example of a disadvantage of an electron microscope 

  They are very expensive and take up a lot of room 


   5. Give one example of a disadvantage of a light microscope 

  They have a limited magnification


   6. Give one example of an advantage of a light microscope 

  The ability to observe living cells 


   7. True or false? A light microscope helps us examine the structure of what is inside cells

  True, although the light microscope has a limited magnification and resolution, we are still able to observe the nucleus etc with a light microscope


   8. Which microscope has the highest resolution?

  B - Electron microscope


   9.  Why do scientist use microscopes?

  To view object that ate too small to see with the naked eye


   10. True or false? The electron microscope allows us to see the structures of cell organelles, e.g a nucleus in high resolution 



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