Momentum Questions

   1. What is the equation used to calculate momentum?


   2. What are the units for momentum?


   3. If a ball with a mass of 2 kilograms is moving at 8 metres per second, what is its momentum? 


   4. If an object with a mass of 27 kilograms is moving at 14 metres per second, what is its momentum?  


   5. True or false? change in momentum = force x time 


   6. What is the momentum of a 70 kg person running at 5 m/s?


   7.  A person is walking at 2 m/s and has a mass of 60 kg, what is their momentum?


   8.  What is the momentum of a 12 kg dog running at 4 m/s?


   9.  True or false? Momentum is a vector quantity 


   10. A 1400 kg car is travelling at 15m/s, what is its momentum?


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