Natural Cycles Questions 

   1. State a process which removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere


   2. State a process that releases oxygen into the atmosphere


   3. True or false? Cold and dry conditions are the best for decomposition to occur


   4. What do nitrogen-fixing bacteria do?


   5. State a process that rereleases water vapour into the atmosphere


   6. What is meant by the term 'potable water'? 


   7. State a process that releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere


   8. Approximately how much (in per cent) of the atmosphere is made up by nitrogen 


   9. Which of the following substances contain nitrogen?

  A - Proteins & carbohydrates

  B - Proteins 

  C - Carbohydrates and fats


   10. What process has the biggest part in the water cycle?

  A - Evaporation

  B - Photosynthesis

  C - Decomposition


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