A network is two or more computers that are connected for the purpose of communication; these can be connected via a wired medium ( cables ) or a wireless medium ( Wi-Fi). A computer that is not part of a network is called a standalone computer.


There are many advantages to using a network:

  • File sharing - users can easily share files with other users on the network

  • Communication - users can easily communicate via email, chat or video etc

  • Roaming access - users can sign in to any computer on the network and access their files

  • Centralised maintenance and updates - this means that network managers can apply software updates across the network

  • Centralised security 

  • User monitoring - network managers are able to see if users are abusing the network's policies

  • Levels of access - users can be given different levels of access depending on their needs


There are also disadvantages of a network:

  • Cost - the equipment required to maintain and set up a network can be quite costly

  • Management - management is required to maintain and run the network

  • Hacking - because the devices are connected, users files and data can be accessed without their permission

  • Malware - malware can easily spread throughout the network if it is not properly secured


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