Percentages Answers

   1.  John bought a car; later John sold the car for £2125 and made a loss of 15%. Work out how much he bought the car for



   2. A t-shirt costs £7.50, the price is decreased by 23%, work out the new price



   3. A sofa is on sale for £780, the sale is a reduction of 25%, work out the original cost



   4. A person invests £6000 for 5 years, the investment gets a compound interest rate of 2.6%, work interest is accumulated over 5 years



   5. Jerry gets a train to work and the cost of her weekly train ticket has increased by 12.5% to £225, work out the original cost of his ticket



   6. Express 161 as a percentage to 3500



   7. Express 293 as a percentage of 352



   8. A shop has a sale and the normal cost of all items are reduced by 8%. A mug usually costs £11, work out the cost after the sale.



   9. A person eats a yoghurt; the yoghurt contains 125mg (18%) of the persons daily calcium intake. Calculate their daily calcium intake.



   10. Increase 2619 by 24.63% 



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