Photosynthesis Answers

   1. Fill in the blanks for the photosynthesis equation:

  Carbon dioxide + Water ---light energy---> Glucose + Oxygen


   2. What carries water through a plant to the leaves?

  The xylem vessel


   3. True or false? The phloem transports food (sucrose) to the roots only

  False, the phloem transports food (sucrose) to all parts of the plant


   4. State a limiting factor for photosynthesis

  Light intensity, oxygen concentration, carbon dioxide concentration, temperature


   5. True or false? Starch absorbs the light energy required for photosynthesis

  False, chlorophyll absorbs the light energy for photosynthesis


   6. State the reactants in photosynthesis

  Water + carbon dioxide


   7. State the products of photosynthesis

  Glucose + oxygen


   8. True or false? The majority of stomata are located on the top side of the leaf

  False, the majority of stomata is on the underside of the leaf 

   9. What is the function of the stomata?

  The stomata allow for gas exchange 


   10. A plant that grows in a shady area is likely to have adapted to have:

  A - Leaves with a large surface area 


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