Resistance Answers

   1. What happens to resistance in a wire as the wire gets hotter?

  The resistance increases


   2. What are the units for resistance?



   3. What is the total resistance of two 8 Ω resistors connected in parallel?

  4 Ohms


   4. What is the total resistance of two 12 Ω resistors connected in series?

  24 Ohms


   5. What is the equation used to calculate resistance?

  Resistance = Voltage / Current


   6. What current flows in a 70 Ω resistor with a potential difference of 4 V across it?

  0.0571... Amps


   7.  0.4 kΩ is the same as:​

  B -400 Ω


   8.  What is 6mA in amps?

  6000000 Amps


   9.  Finish this statement. If a wire is made thicker, the resistance... 

  Would decrease


   10. How much energy is transferred by a 260 W television set in 11 minutes?

  171,600 J


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