Scalar And Vector Quantities

Vector Quantities - have both direction and magnitude; scalars just have a magnitude.

Here are a few examples of vector quantities:

  • Displacement (eg. 27 km west)

  • Acceleration (eg. 3 ms^2 forwards)

  • Force (eg. 4 N downwards)

  • Velocity (eg. 7 ms^2 to the left)

  • Momentum (eg. 28 kg m/s south)

You can write the direction of a vector quantity either as an arrow or by describing the direction (eg. south)

Scalar Quantities - have just a magnitude or size

Here are a few examples of scalar quantities:

  • Mass (eg. 5 kg)

  • Energy (eg. 300 J)

  • Temperature (eg. 7 ℃)

  • Distance (eg. 10 km)

  • Speed (eg. 3 m/s)

  • Density (eg. 45 kg/m^3)

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