Static Electricity Questions

   1. What is the charge of an electron?


   2. What happens if two opposite charges come near each other?


   3. What will happen if two like charges come near each other?


   4. What particles are transferred during friction?

  A - Proton

  B - Electron

  C - Neutron


   5. When you rub a balloon on your hair/clothing you can make the balloon 'stick' to the wall, why is this?


   6. If an object has a positive charge, then has it lost or gained electrons?


   7.  If you have a build-up of charge on you, you might get an electric shock if you touch:

  A - Rubber duck

  B - Wooden door 

  C - Metal door handle 


   8.  Lightning is caused by a build-up of ______ in the clouds when ice particles rub against each other, causing friction.


   9.  Bouncing on a trampoline can make your hair stand up on end because each stand of hair picks up the 

  A - Same charge that repels

  B - Different charge that repels

  C - Same charge that attracts


   10. If the arrows on a field diagram are far apart it means that:

  A - The field is weak 

  B - The field is strong 


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