The Universe Answers

   1. What are the two theories about the origins of the universe?

  The Steady-State Theory and the Big Bang Theory, today the Big Bang Theory is the most widely believed theory.


   2. Which theory does red-shift provide evidence for?

  Red-shift supports both of the theories as it suggests that objects are moving away from us


   3. What is a galaxy made up of?

  A galaxy is made up of millions of stars, that could have planets orbiting them


   4. Approximately how long ago did The Big Bang happen?

  Around 13.7 billion years ago ( A while back! )


   5. True or false? The universe is expanding 



   6. What is the name of the force that keeps planets in orbit?



   7.  What does CMBR stand for?

  Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation


   8.  Which theory does CMBR support?

  The Big Bang Theory 


   9.  What does red-shift tell us?

  Red-shift tells us that an object is moving away from us at a very high speed


   10. What is the milky way?

  The milky way is a galaxy, the earth is part of the milky way galaxy 


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