Units of Measure Answers

   1.  State the unit that is used to measure force​



   2. An object has a density of 11 g/cm^3 and a volume of 4 cm^3, what is the mass of the object?

  44 g


   3. State a compound unit might be used to measure pressure



   4. One milk bottle has a value of 3.2l for £2.89, another milk bottle has a value of 1.9l for £1.45, which milk bottle is the best value for money?

  1.9l for £1.45 is the best value for money 

   5. What is 2.95 km in meters?

  2950 meters


   6. Convert 18cm^2 to mm^2

  1800 mm^2


   7. A car travels at 35 km/ph, how far will the car travel in 1 hour and 25 minutes

  84.58 km


   8. How many meters are there in 0.43 km?

  430 meters


   9. A car travels 83km in 2.5 hours, how fast was the car travelling?

  33.2 km/h

   10. How many mm are in 2.87 meters?

  2870 mm


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