Variation Answers

   1. Give an example of inherited variation

  Eye colour, hair colour, height,  etc.


   2. What is the name given to different forms of the same gene?



   3. Give an example of environmental variation

  Weight, scars, ear piercings, tattoos, etc.


   4. True or false? Variation is caused by the environment only

  False, variation is caused by environmental factors and inherited factors 


   5. Are sperm and egg cells haploid or diploid?



   6. True or false? Scars are an example of genetic variation

  False, scars are an example of environmental variation


   7. Name the famous scientist who developed the idea of evolution

  Charles Darwin


   8. State two reasons why species may become extinct 

  Loss of habitat, loss of genetic variation, loss of food, predators, environmental changes, etc.


   9. True or false? Eye colour is an example of inherited variation



   10. True or false? Weight is an example of inherited variation only

  False, weight is an example of both inherited and environmental variation


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