Waves Answers

   1. True or false?  A seismic P-wave is an example of a transverse wave

  False, a seismic P-wave is a longitudinal wave 


   2. What are the two types of seismic wave?

  Seismic P-wave and Seismic S-wave 


   3. What is the centre of an earthquake called?



   4. Waves on the surface of the water is an example of what type of wave?

  A - Transverse 


   5. What type of wave travels perpendicular to the direction of travel?



   6. What type of wave travels parallel to the direction of travel?



   7.  True or false?  Waves transfer energy and matter 

  False, waves transfer energy but not matter


   8.  What is the speed of sound in air?

  A - 330 m/s


   9.  What is the equation we use to calculate the speed of a wave?

  Wave speed = Frequency x Wave-length


   10. What is the name of the distance from peak to peak of a wave?



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